Home of the $6 three minute Car Wash with FREE VACUUMS!


AutoBuffs Express started out as AutoBuffs “The Car Wash Co.” in 1999 and was located on Hwy 41 in Kennesaw, Georgia. We were a full service carwash offering detailing, paint-less dent removal and windshield repair. We also featured a unique gift shop that sold oil paintings, furniture and gift items as well as automotive accessories and carwash supplies. While we were very successful in this venue a unique new carwash concept was developing in other parts of the country that made us reexamine our business model. After two years of extensive research, focus groups and traveling, in 2004 we opened the first AutoBuffs Express in Hiram, Georgia. Due to the overwhelming success of this store we decided to sell the full service operation in Kennesaw and concentrate on sopening more stores featuring our express model. (See Locations) Although the express model is not our brainchild, we do believe our “brand” or “mousetrap” is the best the industry has to offer. And make no mistake this new concept is revolutionizing the car wash business. Because of the price points, speed and quality of service we have to offer, the do-it-yourself, driveway-car washer is finding a good alternative to his many hours of sweat and toil.
Not trying to the biggest, just the best
AutoBuffs Express is a “3” minute car wash that completely washes the exterior of your vehicle, including applying tire shine, without you ever having to leave the driver’s seat. With our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff, we provide the consumer with an unparalleled car washing experience. From the moment you pull up to the touch-screen auto cashier, you will realize this isn’t your average car wash. In about three minutes your car will look as though you spent hours working on it. Our environmentally friendly facilities that utilize recycled water and micro-fiber cloth will leave your car sparkling. In addition, we provide “free of charge” 20 or more generous vacuum spaces that feature an underground system that is very quiet and utilizes the most powerful vacuum motors the industry has to offer. Located in the middle of the vacuum area you will also find complimentary rug beater machines that you can use to clean your floor mats. For you protection we have discretely located throughout our facilities a sophisticated surveillance system that is monitored by our on-site staff while the store is open for operation. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and to ensure that AutoBuffs Express is synonymous with exceptional value.

Our services start at $6, and believe me, you receive a great product at this price.
We hope you enjoy our service and we look forward to visiting with you. Please come see us soon.